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RTIR 3.0.4 is a bug fix release for the RTIR 3.0 series and is now available. If you've been waiting to upgrade to RTIR 3.2.0, please consider testing RTIR 3.2.0rc5 and sending feedback to the mailing list or bugtracker.
Posted on 2014-11-24 20:39:41
Everyone’s favorite set of Perl guideliens tells is not to forget about the awesome power of array slices!  That’s smart, too. The book then goes on to give shiny examples, and warn of a few pitfalls of using array slices.  They’re good and clear. Part of the book’s age is showing in that it does […]
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Posted on 2014-11-24 10:00:33
Ingy and David have made great strides this month on Inline::Module. Weekly updates can be found at the Ouistreet Inline blog. Highlights "We now have real, usable, open source software on GitHub, so the roadmap and problems will start being expressed as Issues." Support for ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Dist::Zilla, Zilla::Dist, and Module::Install based distributions for Inline. Well filled out Inline::Module::Tutorial According to David: "In brief, our primary objective now works for four out of the five toolchains we intend to support, and...
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