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The Swiss Perl Workshop did not disappoint, although as a featured speaker there was plenty to worry about. One of the organizers, Matthias Bloch, was well trained to take care of the chaotic situation of herding cats and programmers. He...
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The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop Organizers are happy to announce our 7th annual event this November 7th through 9th in downtown Pittsburgh, PA
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How to quickly and effectively pitch your game to a publisher

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In the recent year I notice more and more instances that mail to is silently swallowed. I know this because I communicate with the senders through other channels, and I've even received forwards of copies of emails which as...
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Coffee, Java, Black gold. Whatever you may call it, coffee is a lifeblood for many of us. But yet, many of you settle for low quality, poor tasting, (and probably stale) coffee. Why? This talk will be a beginner's guide to home roasting. It's an easy, fun, and affordable way to get some of the freshest coffee possible. We will go from an everyday popcorn popper to a fully functioning machine able to roast fresh coffee in under ten minutes.

Sweet Maria's home coffee roasting

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Perlybook integration: Each pod page and each release page now have two additional links to download MOBI and EPUB version of the current pod or the combined pod of the whole distribution. The CPAN Author dashboard (can be reached from...
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It's a while since I reported on Taiki Kawakami's grant to work on Per::Lint, a static analyser for Perl 5. Taiki continues to work on Perl::Lint actively: you can track his progress in the project's public Github repository. Recently he has implemented more policy checks and added filters to exclude policies. The impressive Perl::Lint playground lets you experiment with the module from within your Web browser and the preview release on CPAN makes it easy to install an experimental version...
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Collectors.collectingAndThen を使えば、collect した後の結果をさらに加工することができる。 Collections::unmodifiableList をコールすることにより変更できない List を作成することが可能。


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