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Bruce Schneier:

This is an actual CAPTCHA I was shown when trying to log into PayPal.


As an actual human and not a bot, I had no idea how to answer. Is this a joke? (Seems not.) […] I stared at the screen, paralyzed, for way too long.

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In physics there is the concept of the observer effect whereby the act of observing something alters the measurement. Recently, I've had the pleasure of experiencing that firsthand.

I blog about it on my website...

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The Perl outlook for next year is favorable for me.

AI, machine learning and IoT need more and more C/C++ for calculation in low level layer.

SPVM is a Perl module that is created by me. This module ease the binding C/C++/CUDA.

And Perl is good at text processing on Linux that is not good at for C/C++.

The combination of Perl and C/C++ is very good because they complement each other perfectly.

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