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This is another counter example using Flask, SQLite, SQLAlchemy, pytest, but this time we are also usiong youo migration to maintain the database. An earlier version of this example did not use Yoyo and there we created the schema using SQLAlhemy.

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This is a counter example to show how to create a web application using Python Flask with SQLite database. Using SQLAlchemy as the ORM and ensuring that we can test the whole application using pytest. Making sure that each test-case has its own database.

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The Perl Foundation is among the thirty open-source software organizations that Google has chosen to participate in 2021's Season of Docs program. Through this program, Google will fund a comprehensive audit of Perl's core documentation collection, a project proposed by Jason McIntosh earlier this year. For this project a hired expert will perform a gap analysis of the documentation's content and presentation. This work will compare the documentation's present state
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Do you count up the number of tests into a plan, or do you forsake that in favor of leaving a done_testing() call at the end of your test script(s)?
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In this live coding session we are working on the workout-app of Rachel Normand.

The project has a Flask Python back-end and a ReactJS front-end.

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In this live coding session we are going to start the application with Ivett Ördög. We are going to use ReactJS.

Also follow the YouTube channel of Ivett: Cup of Code.

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**Author: Andrew Solomon.** The Perl Foundation kicked off 2021 with a survey to find out how we can make Perl more welcoming to beginners. In this blog we: Describe who responded to the survey. Summarise the types of support they need. Explain the work TPF is now undertaking to address these needs. Explain how you can help, and how the TPF can support you. A link to the raw data
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You may have noticed that some services were unavailable this weekend.  Email continued to flow, and no data was lost.

The short version of the story is that we were bitten by this bug. and learned a lot about how Kubernetes works while we figured out what the issue was.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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