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After implementing the Hello World with plain CGI, the next step is to implement the Echo.

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`main` って入力して補完すれば、java でいう psvm みたいなことができるとのこと。
Posted on 2017-08-23 04:27:32
I'm pleased to report that The Perl Foundation has renewed its associate level membership in the Unicode Consortium. This membership allows Perl core developers to be on the "inside track" when it comes to the future of Unicode standards. It also gives them access to documents and people that have made the development of Unicode support in Perl easier. The Perl Foundation is pleased to be able to make this resource available through the generosity of all of our sponsors....
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Hey everyone, Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!...
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Originally published on This is Part 3 in a series of articles three on community management best practices. Read Part 1, Practical business reasons to support open source communities, and Part 2, How your company can build and keep community trust. Although supporting a community offers many benefits to an organization, to imply that …
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The Security Toolbox in OTRS allows to decrypt tickets in the backend and to sign and encrypt the notifications. Based on an already running PGP setup in the OTRS installation the following steps are needed: verify that the webserver (apache) is running as OTRS user (usally otrs) verify that the .gnupg directory and content are […]

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Selected modules that have been recently released to CPAN. You can see the full list at the recent section of MetaCPAN. You can get the daily update via Perl Weekly Twitter account.

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If you ever read my (mostly dead) more general blog, you might know that I’m a bit of an amateur genealogist. I’ve been tracing my family for over twenty-five years and I’ve got some branches of it back to the 1700s (actually, I have one branch back to the late 1600s). One problem in genealogy …

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Recently I spent time figuring out why sending items to our message queue often took absurdly long. I am really pleased with both my solutions and my methodogy, maybe you will be too.

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In the article on how to prepare for a Perl job interview, I mentioned, one of the best ways to improve your hireability is to constantly learn new things, and constantly improve yourself.

There is a generic article on how to contribute to an Open Source project.

Let me collect a few specific related to Perl.

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At TPC in Amsterdam I gave 2 lightning talks under the title perldoc -O. It was a questionary for the attendance which should give be some orientation which feature to prioritize. I also spoke and mailed with all people I...
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SPVM project is improved day by day. SPVM is the project which provide static type data structure to Perl, and improve the performance of numeric and array operation. I start to write SPVM specification. Most of all are Perl syntax....
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