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Why learn a whole new language for templating when you already know a perfectly good one? This isn't the first module that allows you to embed Perl in your templates, but it's yet another one....
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We saw a simple example serving static files using Plack/PSGI. We can use that simple example to see how to write tests for any web applications that using PSGI. For examle plain PSGI based applications or Dancer based applications.

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None of the ingredients used to make apple pie come from America. Still delicious though.

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Recently I have started using Python in a lot of places including writing algorithms for MI/data science,  so I thought to try to implement some common programming problems using data structures in Python. As I have mostly implemented in C/C++ and Perl. Let’s get started with a very basic problem. Anagram algorithm An algorithm will … Continue reading "Implemeting Data Structures and Algorithms in Python: Problems and solutions"
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This is how you accurately measure 1 million pounds.

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I like this cross cut jig, and have never thought to build one.

Posted on 2017-06-22 10:00:36

Prompted by PhReiuoyx's recent blog post on CSV tools, I've released csvgrep, a simple command-line script that I use at work to quickly find things in CSV files. It's simplistic, but in a lot of situations it does what I need.

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I have been contemplating the idea for quite some time, but finally I've decided to extend the Bailador crowdfunding campaign by another month.

For the full article visit Extending the Bailador crowdfunding campaign by another month

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“What fresh hell is this?”

- Dorothy Parker
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Hey everyone, Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!...
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I release SPVM. SPVM SPVM - Fast calculation, GC, static typing, VM with perlish syntax org/pod/SPVM">SPVM(CPAN) Features Do you need faster Perl? SPVM provides fast calculation to Perl. Fast calculation - The Perl's biggest weak point is the calculation performance....
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Without the US Postal Service there is likely no United States of America.

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