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In this live pair programming session Upasana Shukla and myself are going to work on the PyDigger project.

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How to localize dates for international web users in Perl
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Oz Mendelsohn participated in the Programming Bootcamp for Scientists I ran in the Weizmann Institute of Science he, as every other student created a final project. In this video you can see him explaining the project managing his programming jobs in the local HPC cluster.

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Download Git, register on GitHub.

configure git client.

Follow Olga Tapinova, check out the budgeting project.

Check out the video about the budgeting project of Olga.

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Jonathan writes: March didn't see me doing that many grant hours; I was keeping my keyboard time down for the first half of the month, and then had a lot to catch up on in the second half On the upside, the time that was spent was productive: I got some way into implementing more of Raku's multiple dispatch semantics in terms of the new dispatcher. I've written a blog
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Following issues raised within the community, the CAT opened an investigation into community conduct. A second investigation was opened based on information discovered during the first investigation. What follows constitutes our second transparency report as well as an additional conclusion statement by the CAT. If you have not read it already, we highly recommend you read our latest Community Affairs Team Update. Investigation #1 Based on a recent public post
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The CAT’s purpose is to foster a positive and safe environment for anyone who shares an interest in Perl and Raku. It has been one year since the Community Affairs Team was first announced in March of 2020. In June, the Perl Raku Conference in the Cloud took place. This was the first conference where Community Affairs Moderators were present to respond to and handle Standards of Conduct violations. Prior
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This is a monthly report by Tony Cook on his Maintaining Perl 5 grant. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this possible. Approximately 29 tickets were reviewed, and 3 patches were applied 1.63 #18519 manually rebase and some clean up, make PR #18647 0.17 #18523 recheck and apply to blead 2.33 #18557 review, find several similar tickets, work on adding a warning, create #18643
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The third part of the live development course management application using Mojolicous together with Mark Gardner.

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Olga Tapinova participated in the Programming Bootcamp for Scientists I ran in the Weizmann Institute of Science he, as every other student created a final project. In this video you can see her explaining the project managing houshold income and expenses.

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I've been using Digital Ocean for many years for some of my hosting needs. Besides the nice GUI they also have an API and there is a Perl module called DigitalOcean that can be used to access it.

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This morning (or yesterday evening, depending on your time zone), Gabór Szabó and I embarked on another episode of Mojolicious-powered development on his course management application. Video evidence and links are here.
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