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Well it back to the Moose-Pen for me. Seems I have kinda drifted far from my original intent of all this blogging get a useable version of my Database::Accessor module out on CPAN. Though the last little while has been...
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A tiny post in my blog about a small app to draw random pictures, I hope you will enjoy!...
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Last one I promis in the Dist-Pen The go of my Dist::Zilla~Pod::Weaver round up. Dist::Zilla Gets More Legal Went back to law school in this post. Has a look at three section plugs ins [Legal::Complicated], [Legal::Supplemented] and [LegalWithAddendum] all of...
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Refactoring is the task of changing code to make it more readable, more maintainable, while not changing it's behavior at all.

The simplest example I usually give is that of changing a variable name to be meaningful.

We all know that naming things is really hard so when we write code and we read in some data we can easily start using meaningless variables. For example $x, $data, or $temp. We might finish our implementation, the code starts doing what we expected it to do, but we still have these meaningless variables.

When a few days or month later we need to come back to make changes we'll be baffled by the meaning of these variables.

It is better to change them to something meaningful to make it easier to read and understand the code.

The process of these changes is called refactoring. In this series of articles we are going to see how to do that.

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I built a little package for loading Firefox cookies into my Go tools!

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Dancer2 0.206000 has been released, and it is recommended that all users of Dancer2 should upgrade as soon as it is feasible to address several potential security issues: There is a potential RCE with regards to Storable. We have added...
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Another non creative day here in the Dist-pen Well another ten to do. Getting close to the end! This is the spot where I start my series of going over most of the available Section plugins. Dist::Zilla Ready and...
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Best Practical attended the Educause Security conference in Baltimore. One of our favorite sessions was a presentation by the University of Pennsylvania about how they use RTIR and automation to manage their high volume of incidents.
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Well still a few more of these in the Dist-Pen Time to nock off another ten posts! Dist::Zilla Tempate In this post I decided to dig deeper into the Pod::Weaver template well really I just explain that the 'weaver.ini' file...
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It's been a few years in the making, but Tau Station is now live! It's a free-to-play post-apocalyptic interstellar MMORPG that runs in a browser. The backend is written in Perl. Join Tau Station and let's show the world the...
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Dear OTRS Users, With this article, we want to share important changes about the OTRS Open Source Strategy with the community and answer any questions you may have. The year 2018 continues to be an exciting one for OTRS. Launched in 2001 as the “Open Ticket Request System,” OTRS GmbH was founded only two years later. The software, released under an open […]

The post A look into the future – and a bit of OTRS history appeared first on The OTRS Blog.

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Another less than insipred day here at the Dist-Pen. Well ten more posts to look at. Dist::Zilla Plan In this post I sat down with my Database::Accessor code base and ran it though dzil test to make sure it was...
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So far we've copied the look-and-feel from, added a few static pages, and added the look-and-feel to the 404 page.

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If you'd like to contribute code to a Perl based project - typically a CPAN module - the first thing you need to make sure is that all the tests of the current version work well on your computer.

If you don't do this and after you make some changes you find out that something is not working you won't know if your changes broke that part of the project, or if it was already broken.

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Well it not a very creative day today in the old Dist-pen So careering on from my las post here it the next bunch of posts to do with Dist-Zilla. Dist::Zilla Takes Instructions Another chore post this time creating the...
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I have published version 3 of my parsing timeline. It has many changes-- so many, it might be considered a new work. It is longer and now provides sources. The new material includes coverage of combinator and monadic parsing, and operator expression parsing, making it considerably less Marpa-centric. The link above is to the announcement on my own blog. You can also "cheat" and go straight to the timeline itself. For more about Marpa, my own parsing project, there is the semi-official web site, maintained by Ron Savage. The official, but more limited, Marpa website is my personal one. Comments on this post can be made in Marpa's Google group, or on our IRC channel: #marpa at
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