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If you can see this, then the site’s upgrade from HostGator shared hosting to VPS and the subsequent Cloudflare DNS change is complete. Thank you for flying with us.
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I’ll be running a workshop based on my recent Blogging Outside the Bubble webinar during Developer Career Day 2021, which is running from August 6 through 7. It’s free to register, with top speakers and practical career discussions. Find out more and register here!
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Addressing further critiques of Perl with tools, libraries, and documentation
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In this live pair programming session Upasana Shukla and myself were working on the PyDigger project.

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When calling a function in recursion we have to be careful to check the stop condition before we call the recursion. If not, we can end up with an infinite recursion that will end only when we have exhausted the resources of our computer.

In order to protect the user from never ending recursions, perl has a hard limit on the number of recursion and if you reach that limit you'll get a warning: Deep recursion on subroutine. The rather arbitrary limit is 100.

Let's see an example.

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