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<p>As <a href="">announced</a> in the Perl NOC, is going to redirect all traffic to MetaCPAN from 25th of June 2018. We are doing lots of work to prepare for this trebling of traffic.</p>
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Inlining is one of the most important optimizations that MoarVM performs. Inlining lets us replace a call to some Block, Sub, or Method with the code that is inside of it. The most immediate benefit is to eliminate the overhead of calling, but that’s … Continue reading
Posted on 2018-07-22 23:27:41
It test postette day here in the Moose-Pen. Today I was rerunning all my test cases to seen which ones where breaking and I got though all of the test on Database::Accessor and was most of the way though Driver::DBI...
Posted on 2018-07-22 22:30:00

In this example we are going to use a regular Perl class as a type constraint. In the Moose version of the series we used a DateTime object as a type constraint. Classes as constraints in Moose

Implementing it in core Perl is quite similar to the previous cases. For example when we had accessor with type constraint.

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Another test postette here in the Moos-Pen today. To finish off the '30_where_basic.t' test case I decided to add one more test; the function from hell; (abs((People.salary + .05) * 1.5))*People.overtime+(abs(People.salary+.05) *2)*People.doubletime) I diligently set that test up and then...
Posted on 2018-07-21 19:36:59
In my previous post here, I talked about deoptimization and its implications for usage information. If you didn’t read that post, I suggest reading it before continuing, since the work described in this post builds upon it. Further background on deoptimization and … Continue reading
Posted on 2018-07-21 15:59:19
It is quick fix postette day here in the Moose-Pen Yesterday I left off with one fail in my '30_where_basic.t' test case # Expected SQL--> SELECT people.first_name First, people.last_name Last, people.user_id "User ID" # Generated SQL-> SELECT people.first_name, people.last_name, people.user_id...
Posted on 2018-07-20 22:30:00
I’ve been doing lots of work on the MoarVM specializer of late, and will be writing a few posts here to explain it. This work has been covered by my grant from The Perl Foundation. This post covers the recent addition … Continue reading
Posted on 2018-07-20 00:21:39
Its move along day here in the Moose-Pen Today I managed to get the time to create '25_exe_array.t' which tests DBI execute array and it went quite well. No real story on that one just with my new 'Test::Utils::sql_param_ok' function...
Posted on 2018-07-20 00:15:00
Apologies for the delay; the GC is now conducting our voting for the May/June round and will post results next week. Thank you for your patience. Please look for the next Call for Proposals before the end of the month for the July/August round....
Posted on 2018-07-19 23:14:35
t little bird day here in the Moose-Pen How does that 'The Be Good Tanyas' song go? And I sing, the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs … For us Perl types it should be And I swear, the littlest...
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keine E-Roller & E-Autos, sondern Lärm und Abgase wohlorganisierter Massentourismus unglaubliche Landschaft viele, viele Stufen Affen, Libellen, Riesenschmetterlinge, sehr laute Grillen wenig ...
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Its test test and test again day here in the Moose-pen Today I added in over 70+ tests into '20_fields.t' and I went though almost every conflagration of fields, params, expression and functions I could think of even the expression...
Posted on 2018-07-17 22:30:00

I’ve written (and ported) some new tools and thought others might find them useful or inspiring.

Posted on 2018-07-17 07:30:10
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