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Today I completed my long-standing project to merge all of my open source Go repositories into a single repo.

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Jonathan Worthington has gotten back to working on the RakuAST grant, and has provided us with the update below. Note that publishing of this report has been delayed due to technical difficulties, with no fault to Jonathan. Anyway, here is the report: After a couple of months break to take care of myself, I took some gentle steps back into working on my RakuAST grant during December. It's not much,
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Paul "LeoNerd" has submitted his report for his work on the UV grant. It looks like the grant is close to finishing. Due to technical problems, publishing of this report has been delayed, with no fault to Paul. He write Almost all the handle types are now done; except for `uv_async_t`. I'm not really sure it makes sense to wrap this from Perl, because it's inherently dealing with multi-threading issues
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Perl 5 script to cycle through a gradient of colours on a set of Philips Hue lightbulbs.

Full script on Gist

Explanation on my blog

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The lighting in my bedroom uses Philips Hue bulbs — specifically, the coloured ones. Last night, I decided it would be nice to set the three lights in my bedroom to cycle slowly through a set of warm colours using...
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In Perl there are 3 loop control keywords. The two commonly used are next and last and there is a third which is rarely used called redo.

In most of the other languages the respective keywords are continue and break.

next of Perl is the same as the continue in other languages and the last if Perl is the same as the break of other languages.

redo probably does not have its counterpart.

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The Grants Committee is accepting grant proposals all the time. We evaluate them every two months and another round is starting. If you have an idea for doing some work that will benefit the Perl or Raku communities, please consider submitting a grant application. The application deadline for this round is 23:59 January 27, 2021, UTC. We will publish the received applications, get community feedback through February 3rd, and we
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